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Image Academia Schedule of Programs 2019

 Calendar of Programs 2019

 LOCATION   MONTH COURSES                    DATE
    MIAMI   January   Image Consultant Program in English   January 8 to January 12 
    MIAMI   January   Advanced Business Planning   January 17 to January 18
    MIAMI   February   Personal Color Analysis   February 4 to February 5
    MIAMI   February   Image Consultant Program in Spanish   February 11 to February 15
    MIAMI   February   Fashion Entrepreneurship Bootcamp   February 21 to February 22
    MIAMI   March   Image Consultant Program in English   March 4 to March 8
   NEW YORK   April   Image Consultant Program in English   April 15 to April 20, 23
   NEW YORK   April   Fashion Entrepreneurship Bootcamp   April 25 to April 26
   MIAMI   May   Image Consultant Program in Spanish   May 6 to May 10
   FLORENCE, IT   May   *Advanced Personal Shopper Program   May 20 to May 24
   FLORENCE, IT   June   Pitti Uomo – Men’s Fashion Event   June 11 to June 14
   FLORENCE, IT   July   Image Consultant Program   July 30 to August 3
   MIAMI   August   Curso Asesoria de Imagen   August 19 to August 23
   MIAMI  September    Curso Asesoria de Imagen   September 2 to September 6
   MILAN,ITALY  September   Fashion, Shopping, Cultural Tour   September 16 to September 21
   MIAMI   October   Image Consultant Program in English   October 7 to October 11
   MIAMI   October   Advanced Business Planning    October 14 to October 15
   MIAMI   November   Image Consultant Program in Spanish   November 4 to November 8
   MIAMI   November   Image Consultant Program in English November 11 to November 15
   MIAMI   December   Image Consultant Program in Spanish   December 9 to December 13, 16

*Programs, course dates, time and schedule may vary according to class size and location.  Class schedule is normally from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

**Individual or group courses can be scheduled privately.

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