10 Jan 2017

Become an Image Consultant

Become an Image Consultant Pursue a rewarding career and become an Image Consultant!  Image Consultants assist individuals look and feel great. Image Consulting is a branch of the public relations industry which focuses in the areas of communication, image and appearance.  Image Consultants provide professional advice to enhance the overall look of an individual or business. An individual’s personality, lifestyle, wardrobe, budget, level of confidence,...
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30 Nov 2016

Curso Asesoría de Imagen, Moda y Negocios

Curso Asesoría de Imagen, Moda y Negocios ¿Tiene la pasión y el ojo para hacer que los demás luzcan y se sientan bien? ¿Sus amigos siempre le piden consejos de moda? ¿Te gusta ir de compras? ¿Te gusta hacer cambios de imagen o la organización de los armarios de las personas? ¿Te gusta estudiar las últimas tendencias? Usted puede obtener un ingreso mientras persigue su...
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11 Feb 2016

Personal Color Analysis

Personal Color Analysis Benefits of a Personal Color Analysis Consultation Since people make value judgments about your appearance in less than 10 seconds, the impact of color is immediate and lasting.  The colors that you wear speak volumes about you without saying a word.  Wearing the right hues can make the difference of making a great impact or not so great impression. Color affects mood,...
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